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Revolutionizing waste management by repurposing tyres for a sustainable future.


Leading the charge in eco-friendly tyre solutions for a cleaner planet.


Connecting continents with reliable tyre exports, shaping a greener tomorrow

20 Years


About Us

Based in Oldham, Greater Manchester, UK Rubber Exports Ltd is worldwide exporter of recyclable materials, Specializing in rubber products and ELT (end of life tyres)

As a dedicated team with over 20 year’s industry experience in both recycling and logistics, operating globally, we have established a solid network of nationwide and international connections.

A fully registered upper tier waste, carrier, and broker. We are fully compliant and well versed with all pertinent Environment Agency rules and regulations when dealing with export and trans-frontier shipments under the Basle Convention.

Our company mission is to provide straightforward, hassle free and cost effective solutions for our clients. Building solid and lasting relationships to fuel and grow an environmentally friendly, circular economy.

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Baled tyres of all types.

Through our large network of multinational suppliers, we are able to supply a range of baled tyre material, including: Car, HGV and Agricultural.

Shredded and TDF

Uk Rubber exports can provide a range of shredded tyre material to suit our customers’ requirements. Supplying: first cut, 150, 50 & 20mm grade material.

Tyre wire steel

Looking for tyre wire? We can help. Steel tyre wire of varying contamination percentages can be sourced.

Wiring for Change: Harnessing Value from Tyre Wire Recycling

Explore our innovative approach to tyre wire recycling, providing sustainable solutions for diverse industries.